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100% Egyptian Traditional Folk Art..
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Khyamya Is a Traditional Egyptian Folk Art Product. It Has Been Known Andz Practicedz Since The Presence Of The Mamlouks Till Now. It Is a Time-taking And a Hard-Work Job. The Khyamya Work Needs Professional And Skillful Workers In Drawing And Sewing And Also They Must Have a Delicate Sense As They Draw The Painting On Paper Then They Cut Small Pieces Of Cloth Resembling The Painting With All It's Details Then They Begin Sewing These Pieces Together On a Large Piece Of Cloth Making a Wonderful Painting Of Cloth On Cloth. It Takes a Long Time And Patience To Finish One Single Piece Of Khyamya. This Job Is Known As The Job Of Art And Each Piece As For The Worker Is a Master Piece As He Lives With It And It Takes All His Thinking, All His Time, All His Effort And Finally All His Love.
Pillow Cover Folk Art
Arabic Ornaments
Dimensions:45cm ×45cm((17.7 inch×17.7 inch))
Pillow rugs Arabic Ornaments
Pillow Cover Folk Art
Arabic Ornaments
Pillow Cover Folk Art
Lotus Ornaments
Lotus Ornaments
Pillow Cover Folk Art
Arab Ornaments
Pillow Cover Folk Art
Arab Ornaments
Pillow Cover cotton rugs
fish design Egyptian cotton rugs Man riding Camel and order camels
Egyptian cotton rugs
A natural scene of Geese group surround by green plants. Nubian Young Man And Camel
Egyptian rugs
Scarab Pillow Cover Folk Art
rugs Tapestry
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Pillows have front side made of natural linen fabric as a background and cotton fabric sewn with background , there is a zip opening at the back side for the pillow to go inside.

Actually, what we sell is the outer case of the pillow, with the zip opening at the back. The stuffing inside is not included. So the customers buy the pillow cases we sell and they put a stuffing pillow (we do not sell stuffing pillow) inside each.

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