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Egyptian Papyrus Paintings

The stem of the papyrus was used by the ancient Egyptians to make paper-like writing material. Each of our paintings on this ancient paper tell a significant story from ancient times. Many of these scenes were sketched from the carvings found at various historical sites within Egypt. All of our scenes are hand painted. Further, we display each artist's signature as evidence of his/her work.

all Egyptian papyrus sizes are available

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cleaopatra Papyrus Paintings tut Papyrus Paintings
Egyptian Papyrus Paintings - light Papyrus Egyptian Papyrus Paintings - Dark Papyrus
Egyptian papyrus calendar 2006 free hand Papyrus paintings
The Cyperus papyrus plant grows along the banks of the Nile's fresh water. It has long roots and stems and the ancient Egyptians used it in building ships and making paper to record history, inventories & other government affairs.

The word Papyrus in Egyptian came to be Paper in modern languages. Over time, the technique for manufacturing papyrus was long forgotten, but in the late 1940's, a well-known Egyptologist rediscovered the secret of how the Papyri were made 3000 years ago.
The outer bark of the papyrus plant is removed and the inner pith sliced into thin strips, which are subsequently hammered to break the fibers and drain the water . They are then reimmersed into ordinary water for 3 days until the fibers become flexible and transparent.

The papyrus strips are cut to the required lenth and placed on a piece of cotton, each at a slight overlap making two layers.
"one horizontal and the other vertical".

The papyrus sheets are put between two pieces of cardboard and placed under a hand press to be squeezed and left in the sun until dry. The cardboard is changed every 8 hours and the drying process takes about 3-4 days.

Finally, the papyrus sheets are ready for painting pictures, sending correspondence or recording all kinds of events using oil or gauche colors, inks or paint in the ancient Egyptian written language (now called Hieroglyphic language).



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