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Rugs Kilim , Tapestries , carpets
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Wall hanging - Kilim - "kilEEM" Hand woven wool and camel hair in traditional Bedouin tribal designs from the eastern desert. Several sizes
10*15 cm
20*30 cm
30*40 cm
40*50 cm
Many designs available
Kilim - "kilEEM" Hand woven wool and camel hair in traditional Bedouin tribal designs from the eastern desert. Bedouin  carpets  Several sizes available approximately
70 * 120 cm
100*120 cm
216 * 100 cm
200*300 cm

Hand woven wool  bag
Egyptian Bedouin style
sizes available approximately
12*18 cm
20*30 cm

for prices contact us

The beautiful works of Rugs, Carpets & Tapestry hand loom products are attributed to the Egyptian women. Many of the girls and housewives of the countryside produce these beautiful and colorful rugs, carpets and tapestry. They produce them through instinct and creativity which was passed along from mother to daughter through thousands of years starting from the peasants of ancient Egypt till to day. They are inspired by the peaceful environment of the Egyptian countryside with the mixture of beautiful colors of green pastures, blue Nile, yellowish brown sand and the cheerful sunny sky which give them the combination of the drawings they perform.
Meanwhile, most of their designs are done from memory with certain cultural designs according to the place and environment they are in. This is distinctly seen from the tapestries coming from upper Egypt with a mixture of designs reflecting the pyramids, sand with ancient Egyptian drawings . While pictures of the delta area (northern part of Egypt) reflect the green area recognized as the "gift of the Nile", where the farmers grow and cultivate their land. The simple drawings of simple houses give you a feeling of how simple, pleasant and warm these people feel about their home and environment . Please explore and enjoy these genuine Egyptian women beautiful productions.

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