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Egyptian Silver Jewelry with Stones

Handmade Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Handcrafted Jewelry, Jewelry Store, pharaoh Jewelry like eye of horus , isis, louts flower , king tut, with lapis and turquoise stones .

Egyptian Silver Eye of Horus (Wedjat eye) Pendant
mixed colors stones coral , turquoise, lapis , peal
size approximately : 2.5 cm * 2 cm
Regular price: $38.00

The Eye of Horus or Wedjat-eye has its beginnings in the story of the murder of Horusís father by his Uncle Seth. Horus was said to have fought Seth in revenge for his father. In the process he looses his eye. Luckily, the protective, mother goddess Hathor is able to restore it. So the eye became a symbol of healing. His eye also represented the moon and so carried metaphors of protection, strength and perfection.

Egyptian Silver Lotus Pendent
with mixed colors stones coral , turquoise, lapis
size approximately : 2.5 cm * 2 cm
Regular price: $38.00

The Lotus Flower was connected with resurrection and rebirth. This is because at night it would close-up and go under the water but would be reborn by opening up again with the sun. It also has intoxicating affects. Now a days itís very rare and can be found only in the Egyptian Museum garden and some areas of the Faiyum.

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